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Ok, so there are two of us managing this blog, Amie and Sam, and we'll try to tag who posts what.

Since I saw the leaked first episode, I cannot stop talking about and thinking about this show. So, I decided to make this Tumblr so I can share whatever comes to mind about this show, be they headcanons or speculations. So yeah, feel free to share your thoughts too! -Amie
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I love the new art style in Legend of Korra, it’s just another part of the show that has gotten better when it was already beautiful before.

While the first series was more clear cut with colors being more sectioned off, this series looks more painted and rough. The characters are really defined and standout against the backgrounds making them really prominent but they still fit. They don’t look out of place like they were pasted on, rather they bring out the best aspects of the new style. Also, all their colors schemes are brighter(?) than the last series and fits the fact that Korra takes place in the city and in a new era if that makes sense.

It was noticeable in every scene and I loved it. It’s my favorite style and I can’t wait for more scenery shots or cityscapes.