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Since I saw the leaked first episode, I cannot stop talking about and thinking about this show. So, I decided to make this Tumblr so I can share whatever comes to mind about this show, be they headcanons or speculations. So yeah, feel free to share your thoughts too! -Amie
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An Analysis of the Flashbacks


As of this morning’s episode, I think I’ve been able to piece together what happened 42 years prior to the events of The Legend of Korra.

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Interesting and semi-plausible theories here! The last episode was a huge ol’ mindfuck and it ended really ambiguously, so I’m curious to see if anything even remotely like this will play out in the next episode.

I am consistently impressed with this show.

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I imagine old Zuko is traveling the world tasting tea in Korra’s time.

Man, you just know Zuko does this because Iroh loved tea and passed it on to him. I would dearly love to see an older Zuko in this series, and I have a feeling we will at some point, whether it’s in a flashback or not — I’m curious how he’s changed with time and if he hangs out with Katara and anyone else who might be alive still…

(plus, this is some quality fanart right here)

"daddy was in love with some else before you?"

"that’s right…but watching my soulmate spend his life with the wrong woman became too painful…"

Calling it:

Lin Beifong was the other woman.

think about it: as Aang and Toph’s kids they would have spent a lot of time around each other growing up and it would semi-explain their interaction in episode one. She was upset with Korra’s actions but let her off the hook when Tenzin intervened despite being a strict figure and a member of the poilce force.

and yeah

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"I still can’t sleep well."

I had been waiting all week to see this scene: Bolin’s reaction to his capture. I read many fanfics about it and had dozens of angsty moments all planned out in my head.

They were all shot to pieces with this scene.

Bolin’s reaction was so completely opposite to what I had imagined that it made it all the more amazing and telling. He didn’t suddenly change overnight, he’s not any more serious than he had been before or become more aware of the dangers in the world. He’s just as lighthearted and comedic as before.

The contrast between Korra and Bolin’s reactions was an amazing, if not the most amazing, part of the episode. Korra showed the fear, the anxiety over Amon’s actions and the possibilities they posed but Bolin is different. Despite seeing first-hand what Amon is capable of and almost falling prey to it himself, he’s still the same. He reacts to the attempt with humor, retelling the event as if it had just been one of the stupid situations he always got into and not like the very real danger that it was.

We get a little insight to internal turmoil when he says “I still can’t sleep well” but his face doesn’t show the same fear that Korra does when she’s shocked awake and thinking about her dreams. The danger of Amon hasn’t sunk into him despite the fear he showed during the rally and I’m waiting for his character to break and truly react to it.

Asami Sato

Let me start off by saying that I am not saying this because I ship Makorra [not my ship] and think she’s in the way [no, she’s her own character and there is no in the way aspect] or because I despise Asami as a character. I think she has the potential to be really interesting and will definitely add tension later on in the plot. I just wanted to take a closer look at her in episode 4.

I was watching the episode and something struck me as really odd: there was something off about Asami’s character and her expressions. Everyone in the show has such a wide variety of facial movements and mannerisms [it’s why we love Bolin so much] but Asami just doesn’t.

In nearly every scene she’s in, her face has the same expression of a pretty girl smiling. I don’t know if that’s her character but it doesn’t seem natural with the show’s history of expressions and diverse characters. I know it’s only been one episode, but still, it just doesn’t seem right. Every other character has been so varied and expressive that to have a character in opposition to that is a bit disconcerting.

 This seems especially weird when you consider this: Hiroshi Sato explains that his daughter “passionately told him” about Mako’s situation but when she was listening to Mako [pic 4] she didn’t really react in any dramatic or passionate manner. In fact, she doesn’t really show that much emotion at all, she just kind of looks at him. When you compare her to Mako’s face and body movement in that scene, it’s just weird. You can read his defeat and disappointment in everything he does but in her I just don’t see that same level of emotion.

And then there’s the last photo, when Korra states that she’ll join the task force. Mako and Bolin are obviously worried and confused about her; Korra’s their friend so of course they’d be concerned. But then there’s Asami, she just has that same smile on her face, no surprise, or happiness, just the same smile as the other scenes. Everyone else in the scene has such a drastic reaction and her lack of one sticks out. The men on the right, with no connection to Korra, look more worried than she does and it seems weird to me. She knows that Korra is a friend of Mako’s, has been told “so much about” her from him so she should know and on some level care about her. But in this shot, it’s like it doesn’t mean anything to her. She reacts as if she had never met her before or just knew her as “the Avatar” and not as a friend of Mako’s.

I just think that as a character, she doesn’t have the same range as the others and it sticks out. Maybe it’s supposed to be that way, and that’s our hint as the audience that something is off about her and to watch her closely to see what she does in the future. I guess we’ll just have to see how the rest of the series goes.






Bryke must really love batman.

…Or maybe Mako was really Jet in a past life?

8 years old: When your parents should stay in their rooms with a padlock

yay someone made the comparison!  also Jet and Mako have crazy eyebrows! :3


ok so can we just take a moment here to not only cry about these poor babies but to look at what Mako is saying.

He says that they were cut down in front of him. Just him. So where was Bolin? If he was eight then Bolin had to be around six or so (assuming he is around two years younger than Mako) and wouldn’t he have been with his family if they had gone out?

My feels are going two ways: one, Mako placed himself in front of Bolin to protect his baby brother and shielded him, which if that was true my heart would explode and I would drown in brother feels.

But, because I apparently love to torment my favorite characters and think of crazy things, I thought of this:

What if Bolin wasn’t Mako’s biological brother but another street kid? And that after Mako lost his parents he wound up on the streets and found a baby Bolin too young to survive on his own and took him under his wing playing the role of big brother. And because they didn’t have a family of their own anymore, they decided that they would be each other’s family and would share everything with the other. I just…am going to die now